Silk Screening


Mid America Shirt Printer offers several methods to decorate your wearables. The process of silk screening garmets will create the most durable and high quality print for a lasting impression wash after wash. 

Unlike DTG (Direct To Grament) printing which is the process of printing apparel using ink jet inks that fade and wash out after a few washings, silk screened directly onto the garment will not fade or wash out through hundreds of washings.


Finding the right ink color is never a problem since silk screening ink comes in a rainbow of colors and we can match colors according to the Pantone Matching System or PMS colors!InkColors

Standard silk screening inks come in hundreds of colors and are very versitile when it comes to strengths in transparent to very opaque depending on the color of the garment being printed.

Mid America can print up to 6 colors per design.  We also offer 4 color process, subliminal and "All Over" subliminal printing. All over means, the entire garment is printed front to back!


 FrameScreen printing is the technique that utilizes a framed mesh screen for each color being printed on the garment.

Mid America uses only high quality mesh and retensionable screens to insure you get the best quality printing on every garment!